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Adding New Events Project

This project is all about learning how to do the following... and maybe that's not how to do it.

  • Java Script to capture the input data form
  • More Javascript to create a data structure or object
  • Take that input data structure and feed it to some PHP
  • Which should probably end up in a data base like mySql

  • To get started on this project, you should start reading up about PHP and mySql or other database structures. My web host supports PHP and mySql, so that is probably what I'll eventually use.

    How to get Started?

    If you would like to join this project, please join my STEAM Clown Slack channel.

  • The STEAM Clown Slack channel
  • or you can Request To Join the STEAM Clown Slack Channel.
  • It's not super active yet... but this is where you could ask about my projects, join a project , question or contribute to my class lessons and units or just say hi.

    Maybe start with a project that lets you do an hlml page with jscript. You will want to create a input form to collect the following data. Probably want to stor it in a tuple form, so that later you can pass it to a PHP scripts and write it to a data base.

  • event-type (pick Webinar, Conference, Class - Online, Class - Live, Meetup, Event, ??
  • event-title
  • event-short-description
  • event-registration-link
  • event-when-date
  • event-when-time
  • event-cost ($, free)

  • The next step would be to have the PHP and sQl be able to pull the data and dynamically build a web page that has the headings "Today", "Tomorrow", "This Week", "Next Week", "Soon", "Next Month", "Distant Future", and adds each event under the correct heading based on the event-when-date var.