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New Event Page Project

This project is all about learning how to do the following... and maybe that's not how to do it.

  • New Event Page Project

  • Java Script to capture the input data form
  • More Javascript to create a data structure or object
  • Take that input data structure and feed it to some PHP
  • Which should probably end up in a data base like mySql

  • Flip Timer Project

    I want to turn this Flip Clock into a github student managed software project. I want to turn it from a Flip Clock in to a count down timer, and then add in the "lost" flip cards and then use it in class to time activities... Stay Tuned.

  • Flip Timer Project
  • Flip Clock

  • Web Site Do List

    This is my do list of stuff I want to do or fix. Want to help me do it? Ask to help by emailing me...

  • Web Do List